To the Borough

Borough Market! The things here are rather overpriced due to the fact that it is mostly catering to tourists and very rich locals, but I still enjoyed it very much. There was a good mixture of fresh produce, ready-to-eats, breads, candies, meats, and so on. And they all look so enticing, that I felt like buying almost every single thing, but alas, my tummy and wallet is limited. After one very generous slice of berry crumble, I was stuffed. But could not stop myself from buying a delicious chorizo sandwich! Other buys include a brownie, baskets of strawberries and blueberries, and several nibbles from what my friends bought.

We saw several interesting things at the market that we do not usually see back in Singapore, namely ostrich burgers, game pies (hare, partridge, pigeon, wild boar), dead hares/ducks/pigeons strung by the neck, home made churned butter with sea salt, carrots that look as if they popped out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon, and many more.

The famous grilled cheese sandwich was expensive but for cheese lovers, it is to die for. The bread was crisp and crunchy, the Montgomery cheddar cheese rich and gooey but not overpowering, with bits of onion and leek stuffed inside. The stall sold both grilled cheese sandwiches and Raclette (potatoes drenched in cheese). The guy at the stall literally heats up cheese, waits for it to bubble before scrapping all the gooey goodness onto little mounds of potatoes. The lemon cupcake and cheesecake are must-trys for sweet tooths, and die hard chocoholics must try their brownies for a very dense fudgey experience. I would definitely visit again! Would be bringing my dear brother down to try a little bit of everything and be all touristy. Maybe this time I would try the ostrich burger! I am going to grow so fat in London.


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