Have a Wicked Time.

My first musical in London! And many more to come definitely. I do not usually go out at night in London, as we cook dinner most of the time back in hall and it isn’t very safe to go romping around. I hear rowdy drunk bunches smashing bottles and cheering along my street almost every single night. Anyway, it was nice, seeing the city lights and the bustling crowd all decked out in finery. If I were to watch this musical in Singapore, I would have been wearing my Sunday best as well, but being a poor student with a luggage budget, I hardly packed any nice clothes for the occasion. I was however wearing my new fur hat!

I must admit, at various parts of the musical, my eyes got a little droopy (I blame jetlag), but there were more than some stellar moments which kept me on the edge of my seat majority of the time. We were in the circle seats (as I reiterate, poor student), but could see fairly clearly. Glinda and Elphaba were flawless. Glinda had the perfect bimbotic act covered, right down to the toss-toss and high pitched squeal. Of course, lets not forget the fantastic cupboard of fake shoes. Elphaba reminded me of a certain classmate back in Nanyang, very prim, studious and hates squealing and shoes like no other. Her monotonous and hilarious effort to follow Glinda’s instructions left the audience in peals of laughter.

While many would hark about the famous “Defying Gravity” song, I fell in love with “For Good” instead. I felt that while “Defying Gravity” was the ultimate feel good song (and was very impressive), “For Good” left a deeper impression on me. It is so very relatable to the relationships and friendships we often have, and perhaps the factor that singles out the significance of an individual in your life.

My favorite line:

Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?

But because I knew you

I have been changed for good

That is essentially the gist of relationships, no? We can’t guarantee that all our relationships would churn out personal benefits by the bucket, and we shouldn’t. But the importance of a friend or someone more, is whether that very person has made an impact in your life, has changed you in some way or another. It doesn’t have to be noticeable by others, not something drastic or dramatic. Even a small inkling of change would count towards you as a whole, and I think we are often formed and shaped by the very people we hold dear. Because we want to change for them, and we allow ourselves to be changed by them.

I have not watched many musicals, but Wicked is one I can analyze and infer specific underlying and prominent themes. Themes not unlike those we study in literature or society studies in general. In a way, it pinpoints many real world issues, and while it still ends of in a cathartic feel-good manner as most musicals do, there is that lingering melancholic after thought.

Oh and did I mention, the theatre was absolutely gorgeous? My camera could not do justice to it, so I did not upload any photos. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Made me feel as if I was in Ariel’s underwater palace, but lights were in pink instead of blue.

The weather is due to turn cold these few days and I am dreading it quite a bit. Bundling up is quite a hassle and I do not think my coats are thick enough to withstand diminishing temperatures. Even as of now, I am shivering in my room because I left the window open (shutting it now). My school week has ended, so I am allowed to sleep in tomorrow. Oh so very glorious, I do love my life. And I wish so very much you were right here with me, to warm my toes and see the world as I imagined hand in hand.


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