Of cobbled streets and dusky skies.


The UCL residence internet was down for the past few days, so I could not upload any photos or blog about anything, leaving me with a huge number of photos (including some from Singapore that I have not blogged about). I have basically acquainted and settled down in my neighborhood, which is rather pleasant. London is so quaint, and for the first few days, I go around looking at my surroundings in awe. Across the street, there are a few more modern corporate buildings that juxtapose against the old architecture that the city is known for. It is amazing that London is a global city, yet manages to retain its iconic charm. Despite all talk about its declining glamor and appeal, I can see why many still fall deeply in love with the city. And I believe I have already begun to.

The photos were taken while I was on my way to run an errand, and whilst waiting for my appointment, I sat for a cup of hot chocolate, took out my tiny book and started writing some thoughts. It was only the second day upon arrival, and I was sorely missing home, having been through a rough spot. Perhaps it was the soothing warm sweet liquid, comforting against the blustering cold, or the incoherent sentences that somewhat framed my thoughts into ink and reality, but when I stood to leave the cafe, I felt a tad braver. Things did pick up from there, and the yearning was replaced with a budding excitement for the months ahead.


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  1. nenskei says:

    I love the view.. very much!

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