Boarding Time.

Photos taken with the friends who came to send me off on 2nd Jan. Dancers from my DP item, and my good ol’ bros from RJ. It was heartwarming in a way, but things got so hectic and I forgot about boarding time. In the end I forgot to say goodbye to my family properly, take a nice photograph with them and David, before I was rushed into the gate. It was a teary goodbye although I did tell myself I would not cry. But at that moment when I was about to hand my passport to the departure gate officer, I wanted to snatch it back, turn back and run towards home. I never thought I would be like that, seeing how I have been looking forward to studying abroad, especially in UK, for the past few years. But it is all so surreal, and to do it alone, all alone on that airplane, was rather excruciating.

First day was horrible for me, because setting up a hall room is quite a bitch. Thank god I have Liping to help me carry everything back to Astor. The weather was daunting, with the winds howling past every five seconds, gusts so strong I could hardly open my eyes. Then there was the problem with my phone which took me a full day to figure out. BLACKBERRY USERS DO NOT USE GIFFGAFF IN UK. It screws up your phone. I felt lost, frustrated and angry. It was foolish of me to expect everything to fall into place nicely, but that coupled with the homesickness that spread across me like a plague, made me a weak annoying brat. But then it all got better.

Today was a much better day. The room feels more like home, the bed a little more inviting, the heart a little less sore but still longing, the cold a little more bearable, the people a little more affable, and London a little more familiar. Here’s to the next five months and a life changing experience.


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