You are the Pancake of my Eye.

Visited Strictly Pancakes on the last day of my exams! We had to wait for a table, but I thought it was pretty worth it. The previous time I visited the cafe, I only ate chocolate pancakes, and they were miserable. This time, I ordered something sweet! The caramelized bananas, vanilla ice cream and rum and rasin syrup was lovely but I could hardly finish half of my stack. Jinsheng and Yujie ordered the Garlic Buttered Prawns and they liked it too, the garlic taste was not too overpowering and rather fragrant. David ordered the Snuggled Up, I can’t remember how it tastes like but he liked it. One thing for sure, pancakes are the most filling food items ever. Besides I found that the pancakes here are not the best I have tasted, but the novelty idea of having a cake dedicated to one of the favorite breakfast items is definitely worth the visit. But we still found room to order a basket of wedges, which was very worth it for $5 as they were very generous with their serving! Fried till golden brown, you can’t go wrong with that.

After that we watched the Taiwan show, Apple of My Eye, and truth be told, it was a really good movie. Some may find it boring, but I thought that the focus on detail was key to portraying the exact sequence of events that occurred and very much helped the audience to understand why the situation would be as such, how tides have turned and some things, no matter how hard we try, just can’t go back to what we hoped it to be. It left us with a nice bittersweet cathartic feeling, that was unlike those of blockbuster movies, but one that hits close to home and heart.


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