More than just a line.

Lunch at the famous The Line buffet, Shangri-La Hotel, a week before our exams. It took a little effort convincing Grace to go, but she finally gave in under the enticement of yummy food. The spread definitely lived up to its name. The food quality is much better than that at most buffets I have had, but there are few stand-outs.

We loved the salad station, where you could make your own salad or choose one of their unique concoctions, one of which was the local Rojak. The sushi and sashimi station was awfully generous, we had two platefuls of salmon belly and tuna sashimi. The satay was piping hot and crispy. The oysters were extremely fresh and very good with tabasco and lemon. Grace and I loved the crepes and chocolate fondue station. Some disappointments would be the roast beef, roasted meats and assorted desserts. As you can see, I decided that it would be a smart idea to try everything so we took one of each and could hardly finish a single one.

Perhaps the highlight of the afternoon would be when we decided we were way too full to do anything else other than take photographs, which was when Yujie took out her Polaroid camera. It took me a while to snap a good shot of the two of them, as both were always either preoccupied or distracted. We had a good laugh at how Grace would be a lovely, albeit kiasu and scary mother in the future, and she graced us with the warning glare she has been practicing. Yujie’s shirt looked lovely, as both of us were donned in our then new Taobao clothes. David was simply minding his own business, going against the flow as we snapped up the sashimi and he chomped on his very delicious salad. It was such a lovely break from the mindless studying we had been immersed in for the past few days, and I can still remember the excitement despite it being more than a month ago.

Such anxieties we had, just a little more than thirty days ago, about the mundane worries of school and grades. When you are caught in that moment, it floods your mind and becomes the epicenter of concern and thought. But on hindsight, life is indeed so much more than that grade on your transcript, though we may fail to perceive that in the present. Even if you live presently in disappointment, that sinking despair would pass and eventually, something would come along to brighten your day and push that thought out of your mind. And for that afternoon, the company of loved ones and food was enough to banish every memory of university, just for those few hours.


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