Therapeutic dawn.




Just some things to keep me going; I like to look at pretty things when I am stressed or anytime. Have been touring Tumblr more frequently nowadays, the pictures keep me grounded to the reality that life isn’t all about exams, and that really does retain my sanity at this moment. None of them are mine, but taken off Tumblr (where they are then taken off somewhere else). There is still a little more than a week to go, and as I watch the countdown clock tick down to 40, I can’t help but wish I didn’t have to go through the next 10 days and simply indulge in some post exam pre holiday excitement.

But no, unfortunately, taking these papers aren’t a choice. Or is it? (Dang philo, hate that subject.)

Anyway, I am not making sense anymore at close to 3a.m. in the morning (which is good) considering how atrocious my sleep patterns have been. I really like staying up, I only get true peace and quiet in the night, alone in my room, when there isn’t some maniac drilling or korean drama playing in the background of my head. But one morning I actually stayed awake all the way till 7.30am which was a little scary because when my maid was messing around in her morning chores I thought she was a burglar. Ever since then, I have made a personal promise to sleep earlier.

But I’m hungry. I’m always hungry at this time.





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