TWG Tea Salons

It was such a lovely lovely afternoon, fresh out of school on a Friday with the weekend beckoning. Both of us dressed our version of the Sunday best and headed for a promising cup of tea. The restaurant surprised us in so many ways; grandiose decor, polite attentive staff, myriad of Singapore’s upper class society congregating for an afternoon snack, the non-exhaustive list of teas and coffees available, and the quaint teapot and cups.

We had the Wagyu Burger which came with truffle matchstick potatoes and 1837 tea vinaigrette salad, TWG tea Croque Monsieur with Gruyere cheese and turkey ham, two of the best scones I have ever ever tasted, and three delicious macarons; Napolean Tea and Caramel, Camelot Tea and Praline, and the Earl Grey Fortune and Chocolate. I highly recommend the Camelot Tea and Praline, it was to die for. As for the teas, I can’t really remember the flavors but we picked something along the lines of Vanilla for the iced, and something fruity for the warm.

TWG makes up for the steep prices with excellent food and quality service, not to mention being an ideal location to people watch. Throngs of people stroll in, carrying and wearing brands like Chanel, Hermes, Gucci and Dior. I would definitely return, at least for those mouthwatering scones.


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