Back for a while.

This space has been dead for weeks, and I feel rather awful for letting it go down like that. Always made it a point to blog every few days, and upload some photos. But recently my life has been so busy and hectic that the camera rarely sees the light of day and my mind is so fixated upon the numerous assignments and projects due that it does not even have any space left for self comprehension and contemplation.

In a flash… we are at the dawn of week 11. This term has been tormenting and painful so far. So much has happened that the weeks fly by like days. While I must say I am glad to be near the end of the tunnel, the countdown timer on my Mac looms ominously at just 68 days left to London.

My flight is probably fixed on the 2nd or 3rd of January, so that means I’m flying off right after New Year’s. I am glad that I made the decision to stay for the New Year, because right now, I can feel the anticipation and dread of leaving Singapore.

I just watched the thrill series “The Walking Dead”. While it started off really interesting, I started cringing at every scene. Not because of the gore, not because of the suspense, but because of the micro-scaled and detailed plot that the director decided to work towards. Unlike other post-apocalyptic zombie infested films, this series skipped the big hoo-ha about saving the human race but focused upon the day to day, intense, heart wrenching survival the characters go through. The mental and physical torment undergone is rather clearly and painfully portrayed, so much so that it plucks at a few heart strings.

There was one scene whereby a scientist barricaded a group of people inside the facility which was about to self-destruct. His reason being it would be a much less painful way to go. I think I would most likely choose that path as well, because I just don’t see myself as that brave soul, crashing through the jungle and decapitating zombies. At that very last moment, I would just want to curl up in the arms of my loved ones, say a prayer, say those last words meant for those ears and await the bright light.

But then again, no matter how ready you are to die, as you stare into the eyes of your loved ones, the thought that would most likely run through my mind would be how much I wish I had more time. And in a way, that made me realize how this fine sand of time is trickling fast through the cracks of our own doing. How every single time we fail to make optimal use of our time, we let our fingers open and the sand rush through intermittently. That optimal use isn’t in the number of assignments you manage to complete, but how you live your life full with the people you love around you.

I wish someone would teach me how to do that. But to each his own, I guess.

I’m not sure whether I would want to continue watching Season 2. It is much too intense for a serial drama I feel. I miss Desperate Housewives.

Oh and anyway, I got myself a Smartphone! Finally, I know. It is charging right now, and I am rather excited to start using it and be like those people who are constantly tapping away on their mobiles whenever they are bored during lectures. I was always secretly jealous, and acted derisive of the whole siamese-cell thing. But hey. If you can’t beat them, join them.

Okay I am going back to work. Still feeling jittery from the coffee I had this morning, ugh. No more caffeine on an empty stomach.


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