We visited Hippopotamus restaurant and grill really long ago during the holidays. Its a French restaurant that has hundreds of outlets word wide! Apparently he saw a hippo, and decide to name his restaurant after the animal. Strange much?

Anyway the restaurant is known for its huge cuts of steaks but since there was only the two of us, we didn’t order that much. They gave us chips before that as some sort of starters! Despite the restaurant being rather empty, it was difficult trying to get the attention of anyone to fill my water cup.

I ordered the premium cut sirloin. Each meal comes with three sides and one dip! I chose the cheese dip, and he chose barbecue. Since there were six sides to choose between the both of us, we chose one of each; Basmati rice, potato gratin, fries, french beans, baked potato and ratatouille.

The beef was… alright? Not the best or worst I have tasted. I did love the cheese dip that it came with, though I mistook sour cream for it initially. They placed all the dips into the little bowls and expect us to know which is which! And my potato didn’t come with butter.

The gratin was our favorite, though not the best I’ve tasted. The rest really weren’t anything to shout about. I really wished they had home-made fries instead of store bought ones. It makes a hell lot of difference!

His burger! I would prefer something from B3 or Relish instead.

Overall, rather average food. The service was not excellent, nor was the food. On a lazy weekday lunch, I am pretty sure they could do better. The bill came up to $50.30 for the both of us, and I would most likely not return. There are better places out there with cheaper better food.

Second semester is blowing by rather quickly. It might be a good, or a bad thing, I really can’t tell. Right now, every time I lay back and think of the pile of things I have to do, I feel immensely weary and tired. Just want to crawl into bed and laze rainy days away with you till its time to leave, but sadly we can’t all have what we want.

These few weeks have been glorious though. It’s like a new spin on us altogether. How very very lovely.


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