Something worth fighting for.

Super overdue food post!

A few weeks back I held an open class over at Eusoff. It was really great seeing those familiar friendly faces, waving at me from outside the studio, and the lovely seniors coming to attend my class! Despite being in Eusoff for only one semester, it definitely still feels like home. Although I love being at home, I do miss those nights when we go for supper, and have late night dance practices, or eat supper at the D1 bench.

After dance, I went for supper at Ameen with some of the Felfred dancers!

Hanrui and Wilfred!

We sat at the same place where we celebrated Hanrui’s birthday, and smashed his face into ice cream, longan and whipped cream.

With dear Yaling!

The new PAD – Performing Arts Director..

Tom Yum Fish Soup!

Its kinda odd for an Indian restaurant to be serving this, but it is rather good! When I first ate it, I couldn’t stop sweating and sniffing cause the soup is reaaally spicy. The fish is very soft (kinda fishy) and I like their generous servings of onions.

Super spicy! Complements well with the Teh-o ice.

I usually eat it alone, but you can share it with a friend and eat it with rice!

The usual favorite; cheese fries!

We always order this, generously smothered with cheese crispy fries. Absolutely sinful but oh so yummy on a late night with a whole ton of readings left to do.

Other stuff that we usually eat there would be the naan (Garlic naan is good!) with the Butter Chicken curry, as well as the Kampung Fried Rice! We are very boring people. Wilfred always orders the Chicken burger too!

I think Ameen is kinda overpriced for its food and quantity. The cheese fries cost $5 (upsized) and the fish soup costs $8 for the smallest serving. While it isn’t cheap, its close and its comfort food! Can’t get better than that in NUS.

Going back to Eusoff to choreography for DP has been a tough choice to make, but I am glad I agreed to it. Having the chance to choreograph with him, and see all the nicest people in Eusoff, and train budding talents (and very talented dancers) is really more than what I could ask for. Can’t wait to start practices! It is going to be one very stressful but rewarding journey.

I was going to rant about a very annoying incident that happened yesterday but decided to delete the entire paragraph. Shall try and live very simply and peacefully. It is difficult because I am the kind of person who would want to clarify and get to the bottom of things. But in a way, it would make me a much healthier and happier person. And honestly, it isn’t worth it getting hung up over such people.

There are other things worth living for, and right now, my life’s priorities are keeping me so packed I am really worn out by the end of the day! Have been falling into deep slumber unknowingly for the past few nights, only to jolt awake at his very sad and indignant call. I just need to focus a few more weeks on my loved ones, dance and studies; then its off to LONDON!

Life’s good.


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