Thinking ’bout thinking of you.

P.S. Cafe Paragon.
Wish I could have everything on their menu.
Last few days of summer.
Chocolate fudge brownie with marshmallow and pecans; the cake was a bit too dry but I do think it is chocoholic heaven.
Banana apple crumble with vanilla ice cream; a tad too sour for my liking.
Potato cubes with lemon garlic aioli and asparagus.
Very tasty aioli; this dish was a great contrast all the gooey sweetness.
Latte for his parents.
Back where we kinda began.

Close to a year ago, we sat in this very cafe a few seats away and ordered two desserts too much; lemon pudding and chocolate fudge cake. We sat there for hours, sharing our experiences, exchanging thoughts. In the low light, we entered a murky limbo as friends or more than so.

Somehow, no matter how overpriced P.S. Cafe is, it would always hold a rather special place in my heart. Together with that lovely dinner in Raindrops Cafe, slow walk down town and listening to the band in the rain.

Happy one year of something, baby.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Jenny liu says:

    The pictures are soooo lovely! the food liiks soooo delicious!

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