More July randoms.

New sandals that I really don't need; OPI Barefoot in Barcelona.
Back to Eusoff; Aaron and Phuc's double room.
Happy Lynette at the D1 bench, where many suppers were held.
Aaron hard at work with wet wipes (who cleans the floor with those?!)
Cheap thrill with iPhoto's face detecting device.
Occasional camwhore with his mirrors.
On a movie date to watch Captain America.
Favorite chili EVER, I can eat it on its own; $10 from The Cathay.
New nail colors; $4 for 2 from a Cathay stall.

School starts in a few days, am really apprehensive about the new semester. My modules are all rather heavy, despite a rather lax timetable (three day week!). Not looking forward to 2 hour bus rides and rush hours anymore. Can’t wait for the Circle Line station at Kent Ridge to be finally ready, hopefully that would ease some time off commuting to and fro NUS.

150 more days to the end of the year! This year sure passed fast. But then again, don’t you feel like our lives are simply streaming past? Time surely waits for no man. The thing is, many of us (me included) have no idea how quickly the sand of time is trickling from between our fingers. I hope it hits me soon, I would be pretty darn blue if I wake up in my 50s and realize that I have just lived half a century and can’t remember a single thing from it.

On a lighter note, all that eating has finally turned around to bite me in the ass. I gained weight! I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.


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