With or Without you.

Lunch at Carls' Junior to satisfy my craving for burgers.
Bacon Swiss, Western Chicken, Chili Cheese Fries!
DIY Lemon Tea; its a little tricky to get the correct combination of tea, sugar syrup and lemons.
Chili cheese fries!
Very disappointing burger. Dry patty, rather tangy sauce, less than ordinary onion rings, boring buns.

I used to be super excited by the mention of Carls’ Junior. Massive juicy burgers, delicious sinful fries, awesome free-flow drinks. The quality seems to have diminished significantly (or perhaps it is my choice of order that day). Even the fries didn’t dazzle, and I am a hardcore potato fan. Definitely didn’t satisfy my fantastic burger craving.

Lots more foodie posts coming up; Kuishin-bo, Fat Boys, P.S. Cafe, junk food and home cooked meals! I am so gaining weight.


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