The day it all ends.

Cute but annoying bird that pays its visits to every single table.

The photo above doesn’t really live up to the title of the post eh?

Today (well not today, but that day) was the day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II came out in the cinemas and the day I watched it. More about that later.

Before our movie at 4, we went down to Kith Cafe (mentioned previously in the post with Grace and Yujie) for brunch! I really adore the location, its such a quiet area (+1) that seems detached from the surrounding Singaporean-ness of it all (+1). There are several glaringly ugly painted buildings in the distance but we should always just ignore that.

On the way there, we met…

Scottish terriers out on their afternoon walk.

Aren’t they adorable! The black one is an over-enthusiastic hyper ball of activity whereas the brown one just tags behind sniffing its butt.

Overly friendly fella.
He wouldn't stop moving to give me a clear shot!

I’ve been seeing a lot of cute dogs lately. Just today at my commoner HDB void deck, I saw this well-groomed caramel brown poodle with shapes in its fur that makes it look like the dog equivalent of Doctor Zhivago’s actresses.Why can’t there be as many beautiful kittens around?

We got to Kith Cafe, and made our orders.

Watermelon juice ($5) ; great for detox.

It was amazing that we woke up for brunch actually, we had quite a night before at Zouk. I wouldn’t call myself a party girl now, but I am a liberated girl who gets to stay past bedtime, has her own key and the ability to roam the Singapore night at will. At least there are some perks to growing up.

The watermelon juice was a tad diluted but they removed all the foam which is great. It isn’t one of those rip-off juices whereby they add more ice than your money’s worth. Not cheap though, but its good juice by the river.

Earl Grey; someone's favorite tea.

The tea was very strong, I could smell it from across the table. One spoons the sugar from the sugar bowl provided, but there isn’t any serving spoon inside so he used his own. Which isn’t very hygienic if everyone does the same!

Breakfast Set ($14)

The food took a little longer this time as the cafe was more crowded than the previous time I visited. The breakfast set looks so enticing, doesn’t it! It consists of two slices of toast, scrambled eggs, bratwurst, bacon and tomatoes. The toast was not as crisp as I would like it to be, and we had a bit of trouble cutting it into half with the butter knife. The bacon was a tad too salty, but we were eating it on its own. The eggs, sausage and tomatoes were excellent though!

Banana Caramel Toasties ($5-6)

I can’t remember the exact name and price of the toasties we ordered this time around but it was delish. The banana was mushy and sweet, well encased in the crispy dryness of the bread. I found it a bit too sweet, but I generally don’t like sweetness for anything other than dessert.

Cute girl who really wants to be a dog.

This little girl literally crawled by the restaurant, with an exasperated mom tailing by the side. She wasn’t wearing any shoes and so were her brothers, who were busy chasing each other on scooters. Such carefree children, wouldn’t it be lovely if we could live like that all our lives? I don’t mean on fours, but with the liberty to crawl whenever we feel like it and not hold our heads up to the world just because we don’t want to.

Yummy jam-ed and buttered bread with love~

Bread is another favorite of mine other than potatoes. I have a general love for carbohydrates, if you realize. He buttered and slathered it with jam generously, partly because I really hate that process. Of spreading stuff on my bread. I’m too lazy with utensils.

Walking along the river back to the station.

Partly why I like Kith is also because of the nice walk we have to take back to the station. Usually I would cab there (its $4.20 on cab, just direct the uncle to Rodyk Street) then take a leisurely stroll back to aid digestion. It wasn’t too hot that day and the breeze was lovely.

Hello you.
Camisole, palazzo pants, sandals; Japan. Watch; Dior. Bag; Gucci.

I thought of dressing up for the final movie, but decided against it. Brunch and Harry Potter outfits just don’t go together.

My shoes!

The movie;

I really enjoyed this last movie, although some hated it because of the changes. I don’t love the changes either, the way Voldemort died was a complete whuuuut moment for me. He is supposed to be killed in the Great Hall with everyone watching. If not, how the hell did they even know when to stop fighting and start celebrating? How do you magically (in HP terms) explain the Harry+Voldemort taking a trip around the school by flight? It doesn’t make sense. Harry and Voldemort were not supposed to feel anything when the Horcruxes were destroyed (although it does make sense) because Voldemort’s soul is too fragmented, too damaged to feel anything in connection to the other 7 parts. Voldemort’s wand was not supposed to start to break and fray, it was Dumbledore’s wand and if it could sustain whatever Dumbledore used it for, it very well could support Voldemort’s. Its just that in the battle against Harry, the wand is no match for Draco’s wand.

Harry did not break Dumbledore’s wand in the end (in the movie he did but he should not have), he broke Draco’s wand because that was the Elder Wand of the moment. The Elder Wand is intangible, it is not restricted to Dumbledore’s wand, it does not yield its allegiance in the physical sense. Harry used Draco’s wand to repair his old one, then broke it to signify the end of the Elder Wand legacy. However, I am not surprised if someone were to Disarm him in the future, he/she would have the Elder Wand’s allegiance.

There are a lot of other flawed areas which were changed by the director. I definitely wished they stuck more to the book, it would make a lot more sense. But the movie was really beautifully made and touchingly filmed. I cried at so many parts, not because they were touching, but because to see what J.K.Rowling has lovingly put into words, what I have faithfully read over the past decade, religiously word for word, cover by cover, see it come into play and not just in my imagination. The final battle was the most moving, because I felt in sync, part of the magical world that was crafted by the genius, I felt the pain as each character lived the end of their story, breathed their last onscreen. I reminisced the pain that I felt when I was reading the books, the words were flashing in front of my eyes as the movie played out. I really loved Harry Potter. When the last book was finished, I told myself I still had the movies to look forward to. Now that the last film has been done, I have nothing more.

It has been a beautiful journey. I will always relish the moments when I read the books, and would always, always be proud to be part, albeit a small tiny insignificant part, of the generation that brought Harry Potter to life, to his existence, to his mark in history.


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