Familiar Faces.

I finally found a way to upload some photographs (using iPhoto) since Photobucket is still being an inefficient bitch. iPhoto is being a stubborn one, because it simply denies some of the photographs that I want to upload. But its better than nothing!

I’m glad I’m blogging (and wanting to) blog more often. Although not many people read (not that I know of anyway), this is my way of overcoming social paranoia. Maybe kidding; more so, I get to narrate my life out! Like kickass blogger who has an exciting life that thousands want to follow. This would encourage me to strive for that and stop bumming around. And there is a reason to take pictures all the time now.

Anyway! Back to the post.

I met up with my good friend Yujie last week for a nice dinner! I don’t really meet my friends as often as I want or wish to. There just seems to be a very high inertia on my part that isn’t reluctance or dread; more of sloth.

Belated birthday card from Yujie!

We met up at Coffee Club Holland V! In case you don’t know, I have this thing about Coffee Club. Ever since Nanyang, I have been eating there rather consistently (like almost everytime I go out). For some reason, I used to think that it was a very atas, very in, very grown up thing to eat at coffee club! Especially the outlet near 313 Somerset. You have a nice fountain there, with patio tables where you can people watch.

I just loved to eat there and my friends never understood why. Almost always I drag them there! And almost always, I order the same damn thing. Drink, Ice Mocha Vanilla. Main, Garlic Prawn Pasta or one of the sandwiches. Salad, Wasabi Prawn or Duck Confit. Sides, Potato Platter or Country Pie. Dessert, Mudpie.

So you probably can guess what we ordered…

Potato Platter!

Oh, and I also love Love LOVE potato. You just can’t go wrong with potato! In secondary 2, we had a home economics project whereby you had to come up with a dish that consists of your favorite food ingredient. I made potato baked rice. I can just survive on potatoes; baked, french fried, fried, pan fried, roasted, mashed, etc.

And I am always craving potatoes. Like fries and milo. All the time.

Cheese and Salsa dip.

I never touch the potato gnocchis of the platter though. Tastes funny. Guess thats one kind of potato I don’t like! The cheese dip goes really well with… everything. Melty soft cheese, you just can’t go wrong with that.

All time favorite; Garlic Prawn Pasta!

Crunchy prawns, spaghetti tossed in garlic infused olive oil, topped with parsley flakes. What is there not to like? Its not too heavy on the taste buds either. Too bad it doesn’t come with fries.

Customary post-meal shot!

I couldn’t finish my awesome pasta! Too busy gobbling up the potato (how many times have I used that word??). Stupid iPhoto refuses to upload the shot of my Lychee pineapple drink. Its a little bit on the slushie side, but the huge chunks of lychee and pineapple are yummy! They get stuck in the straw though.

Business buddies ftw!Polaroid spam 🙂

Yujie and I have a lot in common. Like polaroids, craze for spamming them, korean fashion, online shopping, detest for loud screechy female noises (whether heard or typed), food, and last (also the least important), our business curriculum! Really don’t know what I’d do without her in NUS.

This man kept staring at us camwhore with the polaroid camera. Either he is amazed, or he has never seen anyone camwhore with polaroids. I kinda like the colored ones! Never thought I would.

One of the sweetest cards ever.

She made me this card (and she makes really nice ones). It has a special meaning, and a even more special note inside. It is rare to find friends like her at this time, age, and society; friends whom you have so much in common and feel utterly comfortable with. Just maybe, people aren’t so scary after all.

Sinful chocolates; best eaten late at night.

On the topic of birthday presents, his parents gave me a box of extremely yummy chocolates for my birthday! Adding to the Godiva ones they got me from Italy, I am in chocolate heaven.

Dearest Jane; newly wed Mrs Teo!

I also met up with my teacher mentor, Ms Jane (who I must get used to calling Jane now). We had a really nice long chat; I miss her loads. I never knew she cared so much about me, always thought that she saw me as an intern she really liked. The interaction that we had showed that sometimes words just doesn’t cut it. You can’t put your feelings, your concern, your worries, your fears into words adequately sometimes. A warm hand out, indicating support and care, is more than many others can give.

Just two days ago, I had a Facebook conversation with my secondary school bestie. It is so nice to hear from someone that you have unconsciously missed all this while. After going into different classes and then different schools, I lost contact with her for quite a while. But even the virtual nature of messages could not mask the fact that we are still friends, and that we still care very much for one another.

Like I said in the previous post, many people have commented on how drastically I have changed. Even the people I see everyday see something different, something amiss. I cannot define who I once was for I do not know myself. There was always a gloomy side of me lurking beneath that crazily happy smile; I never chose to show it. I have seen too many ugly sides of human nature in the recent years to not be skeptical about the success of inter-homosapien relationships. But there is some good in the world. There is some good around me. I just need to look hard and find it.

And then hold on tight to faith, and pray that I am not wrong again.


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