P.S. I love you.

Hidden in a nook on Dempsey Hill.

Overdue birthday dinner post! He brought me here on the day we celebrated my 20th. It’s my third visit to P.S.Cafe but my first to the outlet at Dempsey. Previously, he had raved about how serene the ambience of this outlet was as compared to that at Paragon.

Good thing it was not his first visit, because I have no idea how one is supposed to waltz in without searching around the entire hill like a lost mole. It’s almost obscured by trees, at the side entrance of Dempsey. It does add to the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.

Fallen fauna littered the walkway.

You would have to visit to truly experience and appreciate for yourself. Imagine walkways lined with flowers, restaurant with glass walls, cosy armchairs and low tables at the entrance, wooden patio tables and chairs, tea lights casting a low glow on the table, tiny vases with tiny summer blooms, seated next to a small valley of vegetation and the low blue light of an twilight peeping through dense canopy of surrounding trees. Quite magical.

Alfresco dining; horrible lighting.

Fortunately, it was a relatively cool night and alfresco dining was not its norm in Singapore. We were perfectly comfortable, and for once I did not break into sweat (I always do). The low lighting made it extremely difficult to take clear sharp photographs though.

His new camera baby; the Lumix.

We were so engrossed with our new cameras, taking photographs of every single utensil and decor around us that we failed to pay attention to each other! He has all the images of me, so I do not have any pictures of my outfit but the one below.

What I wore; lace maxi from Japan and sandals from Bangkok.
Blurry but pretty!
Riesling; one of my favorite wines by far.
Mountain of truffle fries!

We were still stuffed from the meal of Sloppy Joes and garlic bread goodness earlier in the day so we decided to go easy and order some wine and starters first. I remember Riesling from his birthday; its relatively sweeter and drier than other wines I have had and is definitely my favorite so far! Am really not a big fan of red wine, or sharp bitter white wines.

The truffle fries arrived in a much larger portion than Barracks and our expectations. We did not finish it in the end; the truffle oil while enticing was slightly put off in large amounts.

Surf/Turf of the day; King prawn, sirloin steak with asparagus and roast potatoes.

We only ordered one main as well, which was good enough for the both of us!  The prawn was huge, and the steak was really thick and filling. Strangely, knowing that they served us steak, the waiter gave us the usual knives that would have been suitable for poultry but definitely not beef. I had some difficulty cutting up my share, as the meat was rather well done. The asparagus and potatoes were nicely cooked, though we were too full to finish those.

Post-meal tea time!

A cup of tea does wondrous things to an overstuffed tummy! We both ordered Earl Grey, which came in a very cute tea pot, strainer and cup full of sugar cubes.

Earl Grey with brown and white sugar cubes.

One tea set would have been enough for both of us, as each teapot filled at least 2.5 cups of tea. Coupled with our wine, it sent us to the toilet quite a few times. I simply adore traditional sugar cubes though; very English and quaint.

I had a lovely time at P.S.Cafe, the ambience was lovely and the service was rather adequate. One complaint would be that the waiter failed to provide us with the price of Surf and Turf when we ordered. All the other main entrees were around $28-35 price range, and we thought that ours would be at max $40. However, when the bill came, it was $54. We didn’t think it was very much worth it, but it was our fault for not enquiring for the price before ordering. Lesson learnt!

It’s been a week since I turned 20. Recently I have received comments on how my looks, personality and character have changed drastically since the last time. I would definitely agree with that. There are some things in life that slowly erode away bits and pieces of who you used to be. There are other things that shake your world and alter you completely. I had my share of both, but I am in a good place for myself right now. At least I hope so.


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  1. jiamin says:

    so going there to eat ❤ fel im still digging that white maxi!! ❤

    1. voilemyheart says:

      Best to drive! If not you would definitely have to call for a cab, or walk a long dark road out of Dempsey. We need to have a dressed up day out soon 🙂

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