Wake up and smell the roses.

Birthday treat from me!


Lunch at Mel's Diner: Two burger meals cost $26. Rip off much!


At The Mummy section of the park.


Very pretty far far away.
The Princess and the Frog.


Princess Fiona cone and fruit punch smoothie; great on a hot day!


Battlestar Galactica; very thrilling experience, littered with multiple expletives.


Hiding out at the back of Hollywood after a long hot day.


Po; the one mascot with a teeming queue of aggressive mothers.
Dinner at Chili's; a must have after USS.
Scenic view of the Far far away castle.

This is my second time at the USS. I really enjoyed the first with my cousin, hence my decision to bring him there for his birthday surprise. Unfortunately, the experience this time was somewhat dulled by the immense number of discourteous visitors. Previously, there was a much more pleasant crowd in the park. Everyone stayed by protocol, despite queuing under the hot sun.

He and I met quite a few clusters of people who seemed to have no sense of social discourse and manners at all. Cutting of queues seemed to be standard practice. I was in line at the snack stand when a middle aged woman simply stepped in front of me when it was my turn to order. A group of Singapore Polytechnic students rudely pushed past us, one guy in particular nudged me out of my way, as we were waiting to enter the theatre. Other families formed lines and held hands, with one aggressive leader in front, budging everyone out of their way. In the auditoriums when instructions are clear to move as far in as possible, people simply sat in the centre where they can enjoy the best view, creating an impossible human jam at the entrances.

We all paid the same amount of money to enter and enjoy the park. Is it really necessary to be so inconsiderate and rude to other patrons? Sure, the weather is hot, the lines are long and you are tired of waiting. Dude, so is everyone around you. If you do not like others cutting your queue, and making you wait for a longer time than you should, then quit doing that in the first place. There were so many times when we held back our tongues as we witnessed such ugly behavior. Not only locals exhibited such behavior. From the accents, tourists from Hong Kong, China, Middle East countries and neighboring Muslim countries were all guilty of that.

While the rides (Mummy and BSG) were rather enjoyable, we were escaping the crowds half the time and remarking on the fellow patrons of the park. My experience at Japan’s Disneyland was so much more enjoyable; the locals there were polite, courteous and extremely patient. It creates an unbelievably caring and loving atmosphere, given the environment in Disneyland, that it rubs off fellow tourists as well. Sadly, Singapore just isn’t there yet.

Nevertheless, I had a really good time with him! It’s the first time we had this kind of fun, the outdoorsy active type of fun. Half the time we spend together is on the couch with cable TV, pizza and a hot lazy afternoon. Not that I’m complaining, but my fats are. Next theme park I want to visit would be the Harry Potter one in USA! Butterbeer, Quidditch, Honeydukes, Borgin and Burkes. Oh, I could live in there all day.


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