Bangkok – Laos 2011

I landed just this morning, having completed my first ever independent trip to Laos and Bangkok. My pessimistic nature made me worry a great deal when I was on the way there, there and back, but it was a great deal of fun!

Laos is a beautiful country (maybe not that much my cup of tea) and was definitely worth the visit. I’m not that sure if I would be keen to make that trip once again though! Bangkok is just as I remembered; packed and dusty. The people aren’t as jovial, patient and good natured as I remembered them to be. Sadly, the city failed to live up to its “Land of Smiles” tourist description. Shopping was quite a disappointment, but despite my best efforts, I still managed to purchase a great deal of clothes and shoes. Many of which I cannot even remember. The next thing I would need to buy would be a new wardrobe, but alas. Space is an issue.

Another lovely thing about this trip was being able to see him, and be with him all day all week. In Laos, we stayed in separate rooms but he made it a point to visit my room and kiss me goodnight, or walk me back despite my door being just 5 meters away. It felt lovely to just sit by the river at night, catching up on each other’s lives and looking at him under the dim lights. We enjoyed living together in Bangkok; for many moments, I felt like I was part of a romantic comedy whereby the leads do sweet funny things to and for each other. Simple activities like brushing our teeth and washing up together every morning and night, lazing on the bed watching Star Movies, choosing ringtones for our alarm, ordering room service and eating it on the hotel floor, make me fall deep into a sickeningly sweet ravine of love. It was definitely the best way to end a long month of absence from each other.

Now back to reality in Singapore, I should probably set up a regime for how I want to spend my days in these upcoming weeks. I feel like taking my clothes out and showing them to the world! One project I want to embark on would be to sell many of my possessions in attempt to raise money for the SEND FELICIA TO UK cause. I was thinking of using the online platform, but I am rather uncertain as to how I would like to showcase my clothes in the best way so I can get them for the best price! Many of them are in excellent, or brand new condition. A possible option would be to model them, but I am rather scared of the public reception. Hmm, KIV it shall be.

Right now, I am going to stew in the afternoon heat and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy! Where I left off, Meredith was trying to get over McDreamy, Christina was opening up to Dr. Burke, The Nazi was pregnant and Izzy had her heart broken. Isn’t my life exciting?


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