Holidays 2011

My first three month break! Totally deserve it. I am not going to begin a long rant about the dreadful institution that I am currently enrolled in, but focus on the 2 months of vacation left ahead of me.
1. Holidays
My first holiday came and went; Tokyo! Shopping trip of 2011; I bought a great deal of everything. My collection of coats for London is pretty much completed and exceeded. Mom and I added three new designer bags to the collection, and I find myself faced with the constant problem of limited wardrobe space. Seriously wish I could cast an Invisible Extension Charm, but hey. I can finally declare that I have enough clothes.
I am leaving for my second holiday this Thursday, to Laos and Bangkok. I’m meeting the Boy and a couple of hall friends who have just completed their stint in Cambodia. I am a little jealous of the time and fun they are spending and having together, but Thursday is coming very very soon! It is my first time flying alone. Excited much? Hopefully nothing goes wrong there.
2. Arts Camp 2011
I am the Assistant OGL of my A house OG (yet to be named). 5 days of crazy fun and cheering with dozens of hyper enthusiastic, hormone raging … people. Do we call them teenagers anymore?? I look forward to it in a very dreaded way.
3. Work
Not sure if I can but I was hoping to relief teach during July. I need to start earning and saving some money for my London SEP. SO looking forward to it. NOT looking forward to being lower society strata, by being poor and bummed out on my ass.
4. Activities!
I am going to make a list of things I want to do, places I want to visit before the semester starts again. I hate school.
Bake something
Cook something
Eat at Wild Honey
Eat at Strictly Pancakes
Eat at Raindrops Cafe
Wear ten new outfits, consisting of new, different articles of clothing
Wear all your shoes at least once
Clear out wardrobe
Start/attempt to sell your clothes
Prepare birthday gifts, overdue and impending
Lose more weight
Regain the glow you apparently lost from late night sleeping
Get rid of those eyebags
Start exercising again (dancing perhaps?)
Meet up with whoever you intend to and do not postpone any dates
Meet with someone at least once a week
Start planning, saving and organizing
To cook
A new genre of dance
The library
Cycling trips
Movie marathons
Gaming marathons
Dressed up get togethers
Ten new movies
Complete Grey’s Anatomy
Two new books.
And I will really attempt to do all of that.
Including everything else I have in mind with him 🙂
4 more days~

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